Picture of M.S. Golwalkar His Vision & Missionm

M.S. Golwalkar His Vision & Missionm

Sri Guruji was the Sar Sanghchalak of RSS for 33 years. His was a life of saintly and pure. His was leadership, relentless and bold with a will to win, endowed with deep insight and holistic foresight.
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These thoughts are not merely  verbal expressions of Sri Guruji. They are the insights of his very life, those that he had assimilated into his very being tenaciously pondering over and striving hard. Verily because of that, each one of them has in it inherent potency to mould any individual into an idealist surcharged with a  diving inspiration and push. His thoughts are for the well-beings of humanity. 

Going through this collection, heart and soul one shall be able to succesfully tread and go ahed over the path of Sri Guruji- a path of unreserved and unalloyed dedication to the Nation. 



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