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Glorious Scientific Tradition of India  

Europe was fundamentalist till the 18th century. Fundamentalism stands in the way of progress. In the 16th century there were three scientists in Europe namely, Bruno, Galelio and Copernicus. Their new revelation was that the planet Earth rotates around the Sun. Bible says that the Earth was flat and the Sun goes around the Earth. The history of Europe says that Bruno was burnt to death, Galelio was jailed and Copernicus was put in a dungeon till the end of their death. But in Bharat the situation was different. Five centuries erlier to these European scientist there existed three scientists namely- Aryabhatta, Varaahamihira & Bhaaskaachaarya. Though we described from the very ancient times about the planet Earth in different ways, the above scientists said that the Earth is round and it rotates around the Sun. They were not punished but elevated to the esteemed position of Rishis. That is the scientific thinking of Bharat in contrast to that of Europe.

A galaxy of Rishi scientists inspired this nation from time immemorial and laid down tradition of scientific thinking and experimentation. Their methods and findings were spread westwards, too. They initiated scientific temper and experimentation in the present day developed countries. This occurred centuries ago when the west was I the grip of religious fundamentalism.


Author :K V Acharya Dr  


Book Index

1. Introduction, 2. Science in Ancient India- Some Examples, 3. Some Salient Features of Vedic Cosmology, 4. A Note on the Role of Intution in Science, 5. Challenge before us

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