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Bharatiyakaran of Education-1  

1. The Education that reflcects our proud cultural heritage.

2. The education that establishes Dharma in the Society .

3. The education that awakens the soul (Atma) of our nation.

4. The education that makes a child the world-citizen.

5. The education that makes Bharat a leader of the world nations in the field of knowledge. 


Author :D. Visweswaram  


Book Index

 Inaugural address of Param Poojaneeya Sri K.S.Sudarshanji

The Mischiedf of Laord Macaulay

Denigration of Indian Intellect

Mahatma Gandhi's Director

Pandit Nehru - The favoured Prime Minister of India to the British

Two mistakes of Gandhiji

Dr. Raghuveera's initiative in making Hindi our Lingua Franca

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